Our aim is to provide our customers a variety of creative and delicious artisan sweet treats.

At Sweet Atelier we skilfully and lovingly craft, blend, and pack our artisan sweet treats in the Northern Beaches, Sydney.

We thoughtfully design each of our unique products using high quality ingredients and exceptional flavours to ensure optimum enjoyment.

We hope our products inspire you to spoil yourself or others, but most of all to share your delicious sweet treats with the people you love.

Pre-orders are always encouraged to avoid missing out. We have no physical shop so we only accept online orders and deliver Australia wide. 

We always announce our new products on our Instagram page & Facebook page so make sure to follow us to get hold of our latest creations.

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Sweet Atelier 

mother of sweet atelier


Sweet Atelier is built upon the foundation of Maz’s dream to run her own dessert & sweets business since she was a young girl and having completed comprehensive training and an array of experience in Patisserie, the kitchen will always be the beating heart of Maz  just as it was for her Mom who is one of her inspirations.


She is also about to complete an Associate Degree in Culinary/ Business Management, a very passionate and a skilled Chef always developing, trialing and ingredient sourcing and of course baking to ensure Sweet Atelier’s offering is always of the highest standard in taste, quality and sustainability


Sweet Atelier is all about Maz ‘s swoon-worthy handmade and small batch sweet treats that are created to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth craving.

Another outlet for her passion for baking is Buttered With Love where she offers her Artisan French inspired pastries in pop up stores and market stalls around Sydney.


Maz envisions that Sweet Atelier and Buttered With Love will one day be one of the sweetest corner of the Northern Beaches, Sydney offering both seasonal and year-round handcrafted sweet treats and pastries.

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Small batch means we make a limited number of sweets treats per week or month that cannot be mass produced. This gives us the opportunity to be creative with our products and flavours.


It also ensures the quality of freshness of ingredients, handmade processes and techniques, and allows for recipes that require ingredients made exclusively from scratch.


However we are flexible to take custom and wholesale orders to suit your event and needs.


Please fill in contact form to enquire within

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Want to collaborate or be featured in our social platforms?

We love to support other businesses through social collaborations (e.g. Instagram & Facebook) to bring our customers unique gift boxes.

Please fill in a contact form if you would like to do so and we will attend to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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